All of us allow ourselves to be consumed by life, and in the process, we lose the essence of who we are, the opportunity to connect with like minded people, listen to our gut instinct. Some time back I chose to quit a job that I had worked for 10 years and allowed myself the risk of not having anything to do. In this period when I chose the ambiguous road ahead, life happened and work miraculously came in. Work which provided me more variety, creativity and most importantly, flexibility.

Here is why I freelanceĀ – I choose happiness, I love the prospect of not doing anything, making less but enough money to be happy. It gives me the luxury of enjoying my tea, chatting with friends, reading to my daughter and being around my family. I love the prospect of planning a holiday with my husband and not worry about juggling work dates.

As I look back at my life, I feel I found myself in places where I chose to let go and chose to control less. Sometimes when we follow our gut instinct, answers come gushing to us with revelations and life plans.


The Perils of Technology

In today’s age and time, we have armed ourselves with weapons of escape that never existed before and these weapons can pretty much ruin the social fabric of our lives. The more we are connected to the world outside, may be less we are connected to the world within.In our pursuit for being updated and me time, we are choosing to isolate ourselves from real people, real conversations.It is so much easier to bury one’s head to one’s cell phone or Ipad post a bad day or a fight and find solace in the so called virtual space.May be more relationships would be mended if people looked at each other more, people spoke, chose to make peace in each other’s presence and not via What’s app. Sometimes I wonder if we are losing ourselves to technology and we are consciously or unconsciously allowing ourselves to be swayed by the information overload that the virtual world entails.Am I saying that don’t use technology, ofcourse not.We cant live without technology,but let it not substitute for the warmth that human connection in physicality provides.A big part of me wonders if we would lose the joy of holding hands with our partner, singing ,talking to our baby just because everyone is too busy looking at a screen.