The Perils of Technology

In today’s age and time, we have armed ourselves with weapons of escape that never existed before and these weapons can pretty much ruin the social fabric of our lives. The more we are connected to the world outside, may be less we are connected to the world within.In our pursuit for being updated and me time, we are choosing to isolate ourselves from real people, real conversations.It is so much easier to bury one’s head to one’s cell phone or Ipad post a bad day or a fight and find solace in the so called virtual space.May be more relationships would be mended if people looked at each other more, people spoke, chose to make peace in each other’s presence and not via What’s app. Sometimes I wonder if we are losing ourselves to technology and we are consciously or unconsciously allowing ourselves to be swayed by the information overload that the virtual world entails.Am I saying that don’t use technology, ofcourse not.We cant live without technology,but let it not substitute for the warmth that human connection in physicality provides.A big part of me wonders if we would lose the joy of holding hands with our partner, singing ,talking to our baby just because everyone is too busy looking at a screen.


Faith to Fathom,Strength to Surrender

Sometimes when I look back at life,important people and how life has shaped,I’m amazed. There is so much we try and control,but life chooses to control us. I remember as a teenager worrying about my life choices as I took Humanities and decided to pursue Psychology.The only thing over the years,that has remained constant is the ability to dream, to be passionate about work and somewhere perceptive about people.Life amazed me by providing opportunities,when I saw none.I have always wondered if being good,being punctual and choosing to follow your heart works?
It does work only if we choose to be patient.Somewhere in your 30’s sometimes you feel like you are coming to being. Who said life stops at thirty? May be when you are in your 30’s,you allow life to happen to you. As I write this,I think of a yacht party I went to,where overlooking the seas,I felt I was ready to surrender.I remember when I was 20 years, I had this dream,which continues to inspire me and over years now I have understood it.

I saw these two lines

Faith to Fathom
Strength to Surrender

It’s strange how I oscillate when it comes to faith nd then strangely find it comforting in moments.Its so many years since the dream happened,but I guess Im beginning to see what it means to surrender.